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My Story


As the owner and artist of Fifth Element Jewelry, my goal is to embrace duality and find that sweet spot where a design can look both ancient and modern, can simultaneously be over-the-top large and dainty, and can be worn as both a statement and an everyday piece.
The name was inspired by Eastern interpretations of the elements in which there are five: earth, water, fire, wood and metal.  Unintentionally, fifth element has grown into a double entendre with the western interpretation of it as the spiritual or space element; the "space between the space."  This is yet another duality of Fifth Element Jewelry that is welcomed with open arms as my practice can become very spiritual and meditative at times. My work is largely guided by intuition. I rarely have a fully formed idea of what I'm going to make before getting started. Instead, I prefer to let the stones guide the way and allow the piece to evolve through the process.
My metalsmithing practice began as an undergraduate at Humboldt State University.  After a few years of moving around, I finally found my way to Denver where Fifth Element Jewelry was founded and continues to grow its roots. 

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